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Why do you need an event planner?

Ashley Cissel Lee

Have you ever hosted a party at your apartment or house?

You spend time relaxing with your friends, enjoying the people you have brought together. You might laugh, listen to music, usually have something to eat. When I was young I had a rom-com sense of a night with friends: dinner, then dessert and coffee in the living room while we played charades (I'm looking at you When Harry Met Sally).

Reality is a bit harsher: you spend the day cleaning your house, hopefully you've gone to the store the day before to gather ingredients for the meal which you are sure you can cook, inevitably you forgot the basil - or some other key element, so there's the last minute dash to the market-don't forget extra ice; not to mention the little tiff with your partner about their involvement- or lack there of- in preparing for the guests. You are finally able to hop in the shower and get yourself presentable, when the bell rings, or you get your first "I'm here" text. You greet your guests, begin to make some drinks then it hits- THE ICE! We forgot the ice!

This ever happen to you?

What begins as a night with friends leads to 70% of your time managing the event (cleaning, food, ice!).

Now imagine that with 200 people: you are not cooking, but you've hired caterers, a person is taking pictures of you as you get ready, you've rented a beautiful space but had to order chairs, your parents are there, your partner's parents are there, cars need to be parked, grandma needs her seat at the front, etc.

We at The Renao understand what an event entails. We offer packages that can help you build your entire day from the start, or execute the plan you have made with day of coordination. We want you to spend 100% of your time focusing on the experience, the joy!

Let us remember the ice.

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